The studio is a study in contrast. On the outside it is an amazing 19th century brick carriage house with a slate roof built around a courtyard for hitching up the horses and carriages. You pass through the gate under a great brick arch with a sculpted horse head into the gracious garden space with a magnificent cherry tree, lawn and roses.

Entering the glistening white workspace with high ceilings you find a modern studio transported from SoHo – New York. First impression is that this is a sophisticated digital imaging shop. Multiple workstations with large dual monitors, scanners and a 44 inch wide digital printer frame the shooting area. The studio is equipped with a high speed connection to the internet for efficient communication.

There is a modern darkroom with black and white and color printing equipment, including a color print processor. The big studio stand holds large format 4×5 and 8×10 film cameras, a digital scanning back for the large format equipment provides file sizes up to 132 megabytes, and there is also 35mm film and digital cameras for 18 megabyte files. When you look more closely you’ll discover racks of glass plates, bottles of strange chemistry and equipment for 19th century collodion glass plate photography.