Ascent Supporters

I want to recognize all the wonderful people who supported The Ascent Project on Kickstarter.  While the Kickstarter campaign did not reach it’s goal it was wonderful to receive the support and encouragement of the backers below.  Thank you! (They are listed chronologically in the order of when they pledged their support. )

Tom Westheimer
David Gaipa
Suzanne Michaud and Michael Keany
Nate Westheimer
Kathy Imlay
Duffie Westheimer
Mary Westheimer
Charles Schwartz
Steve Adamczyk
Will Rockwell
Rebecca Egozi
Susan Bennett
Philip Yenawine
Doug Menuez
Babs Armour
Mike Cullen
Daniel Lipow
Val Ryan
Lauren Provost
Patricia Provost
Elizabeth Ginsberg
Bernard Wallerstein
Tatiana Folling
Johnathan Crawford
Marisa Wilson
Beth Hart
Susanna Baker
Donn Vidmar
Meryl Battistoni
Susan May Tell
Gail Stavitsky
Tom and Suzi Butler
Jody Oberfelder Dance
Luigina Curran
Frank Gerard Godlewski
Mary Jo Wrenn
Julie Song
David Dimicco
Alice Hirsh
Michael Dal Cerro
Susan Lisbin

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