AIPAD 2015

I’ll be back at AIPAD April 16-19 at the Park Avenue Armory at 643 Park Avenue between 65th & 66th Streets.  The annual art fair of the Association of International Photography Dealers is a highlight of my year. A whirlwind opportunity to see great photography old and new, see old friends, meet new friends, and sell some of my work.  I’ll be at Charles Schwartz Ltd.’s booth #423 (in the “exclusive” back left corner of the Armory) Thursday through Sunday, every day 11am until closing.

Ezekiel Hawkins - Portrait of Jaguar Tamer
Ezekiel Hawkins – Portrait of Jaguar Tamer

Charles will be showing an amazing collection of vintage photography including this wonderful half plate daguerreotype by Ezekiel Hawkins of a jaguar tamer. This photo session with Hawkins yielded what are probably the oldest surviving daguerreotypes on this rare subject (a wild animal in the presence of a human).

3d printed book and box

Not nearly as historic, but perhaps as interesting (if I say so myself) will be my new 3D printed artist books.  I’ll be featuring this “Coolpix” which contains a Nikon camera complete with a memory card holding stills and video of the making of the book.  The camera and memory card are sealed inside the book.  It comes in a 3D printed custom box.  I’ll have some other new 3D printed artist books at the show, too.