A pictorial album of historic and contemporary photographs published in an edition limited to 50 numbered and signed copies plus two artist’s proofs. The hard bound book with dust jacket includes 21 historic photographs of Llewellyn Park presented side by side with 21 modern color photographs by Bill Westheimer plus a reproduction of a historic map showing the original plan as proposed by Llewellyn Haskell.

This album was published in 2006 to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the creation of Llewellyn Park. The original album produced by Llewellyn Haskell around 1870 was used to promote sales of properties in Llewellyn Park. It was brought to our attention by Keith Robbins, a former resident of 62 Glen Avenue. The graphic design and modern photos are by Bill Westheimer and completed in the spring of 2006. Alan Bennett provided guidance on the project. Some of the modern photos are not exact analogues of the historic photographs due to changes in the landscape or where the original locations could not be found. The historic map shown in this album is circa 1857 and was not part of the original album, but is typical of those used to promote Llewellyn Park in those early days.

This book was created to support the Llewellyn Park Preservation Foundation, Inc. whose mission includes projects to restore the historic Willow Lodge (Gatehouse) and Ramble which appear frequently in this album.

Hardbound Book with dust jacket 10.375″ x 12.875″ x .5″ – 24pp

Edition limited to 50 copies –  sold out.

A soft bound trade edition is now available for $50 from the Llewellyn Park Preservation Foundation.

The book is also available directly from the artist with a personalized inscription:

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Llewellyn Park soft cover
Llewellyn Park trade edition cover