Autumn Aspen leaf – created by putting the leaf in the enlarger and printing onto Cibachrome paper

I was still taking color landscapes when I hiked and skied the backcountry and wanted to print them. In all my years of doing darkroom work I had never been in a color darkroom or made a color print. I found a summer workshop taught by Jerry Burchfield to learn how to print in color on Cibachrome paper. I spent a long weekend in the Breckenridge darkroom of Colorado Mountain College. Yet again I stumbled onto a very special mentor and teacher. Not only did I learn to print color, Jerry opened my eyes to making photograms in color.  He invited me to his home in Laguna Beach, California and to exhibit in the BC Space gallery he ran with Mark Chamberlain. It was their annual “Oop-Arts” show of work that was unintended or a mistake yet was a successful image. We became close friends and he taught me about all sorts of different ways of making art incorporating photography. He taught me not to accept limitations defined by others of what makes something art. Jerry and Mark showed me so many innovative ways they worked and collaborated to express their concern for the Laguna environment.  They validated and encouraged my love of experimentation.