Creativity on Steroids

Sometimes people ask me where I get my ideas and how do I create so much stuff… and I really can’t answer – I just do it. When I visited Ricky Boscarino’s Luna Parc in northwest New Jersey I had to ask him the same questions. Enigmatically he answered “time management” as though there is nothing special about his creativity. However Ricky is amazingly creative and productive and he has some magic which goes beyond time management. His home/studio/sculpture park is an amazing expression of creativity on steroids.  Luna Parc is open to the public just twice a year and we drove up to the remote corner of the New Jersey woods to experience Ricky’s home and work for the fall 2018 open house. You have to see it to believe it, but here is a gallery of images which only give you a glimpse into his magical world. They really don’t do it justice. I am in awe of his talents, creativity and vision. more info and pictures on his website.