Dead tree books

I feel like I might be the last person who is reading words on paper.  I like the newspaper, I love books (I even love e-books) I love holding a real old fashioned paper book of words and pictures.  But the pace of change in the publishing world is dizzying.

My recent 3D printed book is all about that change from dead tree books to the future of publishing – kindle, nook, and who knows what is next?  Titled “Cellulose” this PLA resin book sculpture contains pine shavings and a raised image of a tree debossed on the front and embossed on the back.  It lives in a handmade basswood box with a burgundy velvet lining and walnut trim.  Yes, I even know how to make stuff like the box with my hands and no computer.

Bill_Westheimer-Cellulose_book__0005 Bill_Westheimer-Cellulose_book__0006 Bill_Westheimer-Cellulose_book__0009 Bill_Westheimer-Cellulose_book__0010 Bill_Westheimer-Cellulose_book__0022

I am thrilled that the first place Cellulose will be exhibited is Alicia Bailey’s Abecedarian Gallery in Denver for the upcoming Content: Artifact show curated by Katherine Crowe, Curator of Special Collections and Archives, University of Denver Libraries, Denver, Colorado. Running from September 17th to October 31, 2015 the opening reception is September 18.

The book in an edition of 10 and is translucent PLA resin with pine shavings sealed inside 4.875” x 3.75” x 1”, the box is basswood with walnut trim and velvet lining 6.125” x 5” x 2”