early 1990's

Digital Photo Manipulation

An early digital manipulation

When computers evolved to have enough power to edit photographs I was interested. I was living in New York and heard about a British pre-press company named Crosfield Systems with offices in nearby Rutherford NJ that was producing photo editing computers and software. I knew I couldn’t afford one but I thought maybe I could convince them that they needed an artist as a consultant and I could use their equipment.  I called them up and went to visit them and saw a new form of photographic magic. Nothing ever happened with them, but I had seen the future. I knew I would have to jump on that bandwagon when it did become available to artists.

It wasn’t long before Aldus Photostyler (software for the PC) and Adobe PhotoShop (Mac) were introduced. Since I already was PC based I got PhotoStyler and started using it. It was crude and the computer could only handle small files. But it was the beginning of a wave that I would ride. It was clear that digital imaging would someday allow me to do what I was doing in the darkroom. There were no digital cameras so pictures had to be scanned on a rudimentary flat bed scanner. Everything was low resolution compared to today.