Stories this camera could tell

A Leica owned by legendary Life Magazine photographer David Douglas Duncan  sold for €1.68 million ($2.19 million) in Austria. Duncan was best known for his friendship with Pablo Picasso that grew out of his project to photograph the great artist. Duncan will be 97 on January 23, 2013.

David Duncan Douglas's Leica

Duncan is an amazing character who pursued and vividly told stories with his photographs and his books. He photographed the Korean and Vietnam wars and published numerous books about his various projects.  As a teen I was inspired by his book Yankee Nomad.

Today I am inspired by the stories which we associate with our cameras.  These are more than the stories told by the photos, rather I am interested in the memories connected to these cameras.  I created a book “Momento” which shares memories and the associated cameras from a variety of people, both professional photographers like Jay Maisel (link to Jay’s own website) and “civilians” whose cameras captured memories of their everyday lives, vacations, and special events.

Momento front cover