Film, I shall miss you, R.I.P.

Actually, I don’t miss film at all.  I love digital photography and carry a real digital camera (not just a phone camera) on my belt all day, every day.  When I do want to shoot analog I go back to the 1860’s and do wet-plate collodion pictures.  I am perfectly happy to skip the 20th century picture taking technologies.  But I do miss some things about film.  It did force me to think carefully about what was important or interesting enough to photograph.  On the flip side, digital gives me the freedom to experiment and not worry about running out of film or the incremental cost of each exposure.


Thinking about the demise of film inspired me to make a new sculpture – a 3D printed artist book titled “Undeveloped” which contains a roll of 35mm film.  As in all of my 3D printed book sculptures, the content is sealed inside and inaccessible.  The book is an edition of 10 and is 4.75″ x 3.625″ x 1.25″ translucent PLA resin, the box is 3D printed PLA 5.75″ x 4.75″ x 2.25″ with a sliding honeycomb grid top and has a hand rubbed silver patina finish. I just can’t escape those silver processes!  Since Kodak is the poster child for the casualties of the transformation from film to digital I used a yellow PLA for the box which is visible inside but not outside.  You can figure out the symbolism.

Bill_Westheimer-Undeveloped_21 Bill_Westheimer-Undeveloped_22