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Wilted Fern Anthropocene Sculpture
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Man’s brief existence on the planet Earth is known as the Anthropocene era. However the impact of our species on the environment has been dramatic and problematic. The history of the earth includes earlier geologic eras that experienced mass extinctions and calamities, but our Anthropocene era has been one of very large and probably catastrophic changes in a very brief time.

Animals and plants are being destroyed and disappearing at an accelerating pace bringing on “The Sixth Extinction” that concerns many scientists, naturalists and citizens of the earth.

The “Anthropocene” fossils are imaginary records of flora and fauna that might be found in a future geologic era. They are evidence of what was and hints of how it might have been extinguished. Just as the real fossils found by humans fill in the story of what lived and how it died in earlier geologic era, these created fossils are evidence what what might be becoming extinct as a result of human activity.

The Anthropocene pieces are unique (1 of 1) collodion wet-plate photograms on slate or flagstone. They range from 3×4″ to 7×9″ plus the welded steel stand and natural rock base. The retail price is $2100 each. Please contact Imlay Gallery

For exhibition, acquisition, or publishing information please contact the artist.

2019 – Ongoing

Wet-plate collodion photogram on stone, stand made of welded steel and rock

3.5″x5″ up to 8″x8″ not including stand – edition 1 of 1

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