Massoura Breaks – scroll….
Spaniel Cay
Portragonia – scroll….
Gribladine Islands – scroll….
Cropper Cay

Landscape photography is as old as the medium, and the earliest photographers used the collodion wet-plate process to capture the grand scale of nature to reveal it to the masses. Borderlands is an exploration of panoramic landscapes derived from small areas cropped from the edges of contemporary collodion wet-plate images. The hand-made nature of the wet-plate process creates artifacts which take on other-worldliness when enlarged and printed out of scale. They appear to be gigantic landscapes but in reality are just inches across.

As man is but a speck in the vastness of the universe, the smaller scale and familiar earthly landscapes also make us feel insignificant. Size and scale are relative, whether it is man in comparison to the universe, or the tiny margins of a photograph relative to an imaginary earthly landscape. In Borderlands the historic collodion process inadvertently creates the vast imaginary landscapes discovered by exploring the edges of the hand-made images. The images are enlarged and printed using contemporary digital printing technology, unlike the 19th century photographers who were unable to make prints any larger than the original negatives.

The Borderlands prints are archival inkjet prints 96″ wide and height ranging from 6″ to 24″ depending on the proportion of the image. They are meant to be flush mounted on aluminum or dibond with a clear gloss overlamination. Produced in an edition of 10, they are $2000 each.