CRW_5450 – New York Camera Obscura
CRW_5768 – New York Camera Obscura
CRW_5877 – New York Camera Obscura
CRW_5880 – New York Camera Obscura
CRW_3967 – New York Camera Obscura
CRW_4539 – New York Camera Obscura

The work has four main themes:
Survey: The landscape and architecture of New York as seen from the Camera Obscura

Surveillance: The Camera Obscura captures the activities and lives of unsuspecting New Yorkers in the course of their daily lives revealing insights into the humanity of the city.

Surface: The two dimensional Camera Obscura images are projected onto objects and bodies contrasting the exterior scenes with unlikely yet related three dimensional shapes

Sun: Observations using the Camera Obscura of the sun and its effects on objects.

The digital captures are printed as archival inkjet prints on acid-free fine art paper in sizes up to 40”x60”

Charles Schwartz has been involved with photography and the photographic community for over thirty years, as a photographer, a collector, and as a dealer.

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