Alpa 6C – collodion wet plate
Contax- collodion wet plate
Canon 5D collodion – collodion wet plate
Wirgin Camera 3 – collodion wet plate
Rolleiflex – collodion wet plate
Leica IIIf 557661 – collodion wet plate
Wind-up camera – collodion wet plate
Canon EOS3 – collodion wet plate
Kodak Instamatic 104 – collodion wet plate
Kodak Bulls Eye – collodion wet plate
Stereo Realist – collodion wet plate
Polaroid 110B Mod – collodion wet plate
Rollei 35 – collodion wet plate
Linhof 6×7 Technorama 6×8 plate – collodion wet plate
Nikon Hologon – collodion wet plate
Minox B – collodion wet plate
Polaroid Colorpack – collodion wet plate
Jiffy Kodak – collodion wet plate
Cambo 8×10 View – collodion wet plate
Nikon D300 – collodion wet plate


MOMENTO is a collection of human experiences and the technological dreams triggered by our cameras.  With each camera is a story told by its owner. The cameras were photographed using 19th century glass plate negatives, emphasizing how quickly the technology of past image-making has been made antique.  The cameras capture our experience in mere fractions of seconds, but the cameras themselves endure to reflect the technology and aspirations of their eras.  The memories we connect to the cameras are significant, sentimental and cherished.  The cameras themselves evoke memories of meaningful moments in our lives that are as vivid and vital as the pictures they captured.

Each camera was photographed using the wet-plate collodion process on glass negatives and tintype aluminum. The owner of the camera provided a story to accompany the photograph and was given a tintype of their camera in return. The book was designed using Adobe InDesign and printed as a print-on-demand book by (now Kindle Direct Publishing.) The glass plate collodion negatives were contact printed on 8″x10″ silver-gelatin paper in limited editions. Each negative has been scanned for digital editions, enlargements, and reproduction.

For exhibition, publication, or acquisition information please contact the artist


  • 4.25″x5.5″ Collodion Wet-Plate on Glass and Aluminum – edition of 1
  • Limited edition 8″x10″ Silver-Gelatin contact prints
  • Limited edition enlarged Digital Pigment Prints

The original images are available as unique objects (edition of 1) and all images have been scanned at high resolution and available as enlarged limited edition digital prints.

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