Going to Church


I had so much fun “going to church” on my recent visit to Rome that I have to share the pictures. I am not inclined to post my vacation photos for the world to see, but I think these are worth sharing. We visited so many churches that I might have a chance of not going to hell when I die. The churches of Rome are usually nothing special on the outside but when you go inside it is a “whole ‘nother story.” I loved the ceilings in particular.

there is a gallery of the images on my website

for the techies in the crowd, these were shot with a Canon 5D Mark II, saved as RAW files and processed in PS CS4.  Hard to believe but in most cases I dialed back the saturation in Camera Raw.  The high quality at higher ISO speeds was important for shooting in these dark places.  Another example of how digital imaging has made it possible to capture pictures that would have been nearly impossible on film.