Guns are Art

When people hear I am working with a 3D printer the first question they ask is “Have you printed a gun?” And I emphatically answer “NO!”  IMHO the 3D printed gun story is blown way out of proportion.  Sure, a person could print parts of a gun, but not the important parts like the firing chamber.  The printers available to most people today print ABS or PLA plastic and these materials are not suitable for making a high precision part that must withstand the substantial stresses of an explosion that is the source of the power of a gun.  Someday there will be printers readily available which can print metal, but until then, today’s printers can only print parts which have nothing to do with the firing parts of the gun.

That is a long introduction to my latest 3D printed book “Black and Blue” which contains 13 pages of photographs of guns.  Plus I put a gun on the cover.  So now I can answer those people – “Yes, I have printed several guns…” And off to the races we will go.  Don’t shoot me.

5″ x 4.375″ x 0.75″, 13 pages, translucent PLA plastic and archival inkjet prints. Edition of 10, $1000

Black-And-Blue-Book Black-And-Blue-Book Black-And-Blue-Book