Borderlands at Hinterland

I’m thrilled that 2 of my large Borderlands prints are included in the “WHAT HAS NEVER BEEN …IS” show at Hinterland Artspace in Denver. Curated by Valerie Santerli of Rule Gallery and Bobbi Walker of Walker Fine Art, the show of surrealistic photographs opens March 5, 2015 and runs until April 3.  The panoramic landscape prints are approximately 12″ x 100″.

Massoura Breaks


The gallery is located at 3254 Walnut Street, Denver, CO 80205 and the opening is Thursday March 5th, 6-11 pm.   Unfortunately I can’t attend.

from the Hinterland website: “Surrealistic explorations deep into the terrain of the subconscious mind are the theme of this call. Revelation of psychological forces hidden just beneath the surface of reality are wanted to be seen. Surrealism can mean a lot of different things for the individual photographer.”

Other photographers in the show are:

  • Brittany Carol Moore (AL, USA)
  • Freddie Levenson (CO, USA)
  • Greg Dyro (CA, USA)
  • Jody Akers (CO, USA)
  • Katie Kalkstein (CO, USA)
  • Kia Neill (CO, USA)
  • Kyra Weikle (CO, USA)
  • NancyMcGee (WI, USA)
  • Mandarine Montgomery (Victoria, Australia)
  • Mark Schmidt (NY, USA)
  • Stacie Smith (CO, USA)
  • Skott Chandler (CO, USA)
  • Sam Nguyen (CO, USA)
  • Tom Carr (CO, USA)Phil Waters (CO, USA)