Katharine Kuh

Living in New York also allowed me to spend more time with Katharine Kuh. She was a friend of my parents who had an amazing career in the art world. She was the art critic for Saturday Review Magazine and a corporate art consultant. She was hired by the First National Bank of Chicago to build an art collection for them. She traveled the world in their corporate jet to buy works from famous artists as well as outsider art and work by indiginous artists. She generously shared her enthusiasm and broad knowledge when I would visit her in her upper east side apartment – always for cocktails and peanuts. Surrounded by art given to her by artists he supported and encouraged; she told stories of partying with Man-Ray and Marcel Duchamp and how she became friends with Isamu Noguchi. She told me about when Edward Weston came to Chicago for a show of his work at her gallery in midwinter he refused to wear shoes despite the ice and snow everywhere. Once when I was visiting with her in Wellfleet on Cape Cod she introduced me to Gyorgy Kepes. I would get lost in her stories and marvel at the walls that held a Motherwell painting, a Kandinsky, one by Klee, a sculpture by Noguchi. It was magical.