Network News

The photography world is unique among artist communities. Photography portfolio review events are unmatched by painters, printmakers, musicians, or theatre groups. Photographers get together as colleagues and peers, we meet with curators, gallerists, publishers and art dealers to share our work and meet each other to develop relationships. I find these events incredibly valuable for networking and expanding awareness of my work. They are also helpful for me to look more carefully at my work and how I describe it and present it.

Powerhouse Books review was the first one for me. They jammed a bunch of editors and gallerists and curators in a room full of folding tables and the photographers would flood in for their 20 minute session with one of the reviewers. At the end of the 20 minutes we were thrown out of the meeting room and the process would resume a few minutes later with a new pairing. By the end of the day I saw 4 or 5 reviewers and my head was spinning and full of advice. Later that year I attended Review Santa Fe and benefited from the dress rehearsal at Powerhouse. I made new friends, new contacts among curators and gallerists and editors. Just as importantly I received lots of valuable advice and feedback. It was the start of participating in reviews in Portland, Houston, New Orleans and Denver too. Through the reviews I found exhibition and publishing opportunities for my work. And I cherish the friendships created there.