Paris – around the world – without leaving Ohio.

I also worked on my personal project “Oddyssey.”  I noticed there were lots of  towns in Ohio with foreign names: Paris, Moscow, Palestine, Utopia… about 90 of them.

So I planned my travels around the state to visit 60 towns. In each one I found a sign with the name of the town and set up my camera on a tripod, set the self timer and made funny selfies. This became my first artist book. I made 4×6” Cibachrome prints and mounted them in a book with photo corners just as though they were snapshots. I created one handmade book.  Many years later I would scan the slides and make a print-on-demand edition of Oddyssey. When I finally could move into my loft I reassembled my darkroom in between trips assisting Dick Durrance II.

The Oddyssey photos are on my website.