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Steve Branfman:
Bill Westheimer:
Lisa G Westheimer:
Petey Pie Press:
Gotham Design:
Glass Roots Gallery:
Peters Valley School of Craft:
Montclair Art Museum:
Morton Glass Works:

My videos  mentioned in my book:

Strike Firing Lusterware with Lisa G Westheimer:
Smoke Firing, Horsehair BBQ:

Instructional videos on page 19
Cut circles using the Morton System™ and some additional equipment, check out the video:

Check out how to set up and use the Morton System™ and the components of the
Portable Glass Shop™ provided by by viewing these videos:
PG01B – Portable Glass Shop:
• Glass Shop Basics – Video
• Glass Shop Angles 1 – Video
• Glass Shop Angles 2 – Video
• Cutter Slide – Video
NOTE: Check out these videos on suggestion of tools and their proper use provided by
Understanding The Safety Break – Video
Toyo Glass Cutters:
• Toyo Pistol Grip – Video
• Toyo Custom Grip – Video

American Science Surplus and Lee Valley mentioned on page 26:
American Science Surplus:
Lee Valley: