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Stuart Klipper’s Momentos in 20 x 200 blog

Stuart Klipper’s Momento stories and cameras are reviewed in the 20×200 blog

camera from Stuart Klipper

Stuart wrote about 3 cameras for the book, and here is his excerpt about the Bell & Howell Dial camera:

I was living in Stockholm a couple of times in the 60s and one time when I was sitting around with a friend in a konditori a photographer friend or hers – a Czech or a Frenchman, or maybe a Hungarian — showed up and joined us. He quickly whipped out an object that was not immediately identifiable; but, he pointed it at me as if it were a camera, which – click, zip – it indeed was. At the time he had an exhibition of work he’d made with that selfsame camera – very raw and immediate Euro-nitty gritty grainy street pix. I’m not sure I previously knew of there being such things as a half-frame 35mm cameras, but this little beaut sure was. Thanks to the diminutive scale of the negs. it made, he was able to make the aforementioned style of photos.

20×200 is a Jen Bekman Project:
As we see it, there are a lot of people out there who want to sell their art and a lot of people who’d like to buy it. They just have a hard time finding each other. The internet is the perfect place to bring those people together, and we’re exactly the right people to make it happen. We’re passionate about art and the internet at 20×200. We’re really excited about creating a place where almost any art lover can be an art collector.

We introduce two new pieces a week: one photo and one work on paper. Most images are available in three sizes. When we first launched, the smallest size was reprinted in the largest batch – an edition of 200 – and sold at the lowest price – $20. Hence the name 20×200. (200×20 just didn’t sound as good.) We’ve since gotten a little more creative with our editions and print sizes. While we’ve always offered bigger prints for bolder collectors – 17″x22″ editions of 20 for $200, and 30″x40″ editions of 2 for $2000, we now also offer something in between – 11″x14″ editions of 500 for $50 and 20″x24″ editions of 50 for $500. We may occasionally offer editions at other sizes and price points. Every single print is delivered with a certificate of authenticity signed by the artist. Usually, the original artwork is also available so let us know if you want the one-and-only!

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