1985 - 1990

Photo Assisting

Dick Durrance II on Mt. Batchelor photographing for an advertisement

Working for Dick Durrance II was an amazing experience. We traveled to Tahiti, Jamaica, and all over the USA for his clients. I carried bags, loaded film and learned about commercial photography. Dick is an expert in choosing locations and timing to get the most beautiful light. We would get up before dawn and photograph during the sunrise, use mid-day to scout new locations or to rest and then be back out shooting for sunset – always chasing the magic light.  Another great education.

We would be away shooting on location for 2 weeks, I would bring the precious exposed film back to NYC and have it processed in batches – just in case the lab had problems – and then delivered it to the client. I would take Dick’s equipment to be serviced by the legendary Marty Forscher.  I would pick up equipment for him at Ken Hansen’s very serious camera store. I met lots of fellow photo crazed people like me. It was thrilling to have access to the highest levels of the commercial photography world.

If Dick didn’t have work for me then I looked for other assisting jobs. I contacted Annie Liebovitz who met with me, looked at my work and told me I shouldn’t work for her – which I learned later was a very good thing. I worked for a variety of photographers – some in the studio and others on location – and learned from all of them. I did some location scouting for Dick and a few others.