UPDATE: Picturelife is dead, defunct and gone. It was taken over by smugmug.com and is no longer supported.

Do you backup your photos? What about all those Instagram photos? The ones on Facebook?  If you sign up for Picturelife your work, your life in pictures will be saved to the cloud… effortlessly.


full disclosure: Picturelife is the brainchild of my cousin and tech genius Nate Westheimer.

Picturelife is a simple and beautiful service that stores all your pictures in one place. Forever.  All your pictures.

Picturelife stores all of your photos in one place. Most people store their pictures all over the place. On old computers, old hard drives, old memory cards, and old mobile phones, the pictures are at high risk for fire, flood, theft, or most commonly, data corruption.

Super simple syncing.

Making sure that all your pictures are synced in Picturelife is our concern, not yours. We’ve made a syncer application that runs on your desktop computer (Mac now and PC soon) and automatically syncs your pictures as it finds new ones. It will even sync pictures from your digital camera, and mobile phone when you plug them into the computer.

Access anywhere.

Picturelife makes it easy to find, organize, and view your pictures from anywhere. Because all your pictures are in Picturelife, you can securely access them anywhere.