The landscape format paper bound book is 8.375″ h x 10.25″ w x .2″ It includes 20 images selected from the voluminous body of work. An essay by Gail Buckland discusses Schwartz & Westheimer’s work in the context of the history of art. The book design is by Beverly Joel of pulp, A selection of the images can be seen on this website.

These pictures reveal the city through the unique viewpoint of the camera obscura and record the images digitally.  The camera Obscura’s location is fixed, yet it provides an ever changing view of the city’s architecture and landscape. The images use a pre-photographic technology combined with post-photographic digital capture to create a timeless view of New York.

Bill Westheimer has been a photographer since the mid 1960’s.  Charles Schwartz was involved with photography and the photographic community for over thirty years, as a photographer, a collector, and as a dealer.   Together they explored the city of New York on the upper east side of Manhattan using a Camera Obscura.

“Visions in the Dark” a catalog of the work with an essay by Gail Buckland and designed by Beverly Joel of pulp, ink is available on this website for $15 plus shipping.

Visions in the Dark – Camera Obscura
3D printed artist book edition of Visions In the Dark – camera obscura collaboration with Charles Schwartz. Prints from our digital captures of the camera obscura are sealed inside a 3D printed book with a pinhole in the book. Complete with a translucent slipcase.
the book is 3.875″ x 3.75″ x 0.5″ black PLA with pinhole, slip case is 4″ x 3.5″ x 0.5″ translucent PLA
$1400, edition of 10, 30 pages, signed on the interior (not visible)

For exhibition or acquisition information please contact the artist.