Manual front cover
MANUAL Trade Edition

MANUAL: The Personalities of Hands is a book of portraits with a twist: personal stories and private secrets told through images of hands. Readers witness the diverse range of humanity through photographs and photograms of hands rather than traditional pictures of faces. The photographs also make up a fine art exhibition. Bill Westheimer has captured the hands of 150 people from diverse walks of life, including a priest, rock star, trapeze artist, mentalist and politician. 78 of the portraits appear in the 96 page full color book. The book dimensions are 9″h x 12″w x 5/8″t. Retail price $25.

MANUAL - Limited Edition
MANUAL – Limited Edition Artist Book

The accordion fold MANUAL book is 3.625″ x 2.5″ x 1.25″ and comes in a leather compression fit binding box 3.875″ x 3″ x 1.75″ The edition is limited to 25 books plus 3 artist proofs. The book design is a collaboration with Leonard Seastone of Tideline Press. The images are archivally printed by me using an Epson 9600 printer and Hahnemuhle Duo paper.

Manual 3D printed Book
MANUAL – Gutenberg Project Artist Book

Manual is the latest in my series of 3D printed books. It has 60 pages of archival digital inkjet prints sealed in a translucent PLA binding which cannot be opened. It is signed and dated on an interior page which is not visible. The book is then enclosed in a 2 piece black PLA box with a hole in the top which exactly matches the hand shape which is on the cover of the book. The interior of the box is lined with silver lamé fabric. The book is 4” x 6” x 1.25” and the box is 4.25” x 6.125” x 1.75”. Published in an edition of 10 the price is $1600.

MANUAL mini Gutenberg Project
This 3D printed edition of MANUAL is 2 volume mini-hands books, 31 pages, archival inkjet prints from my Manual hand portrait series sealed in translucent PLA
3″ x 2.625″ x 0.625″ $250 each (not the pair) edition of 10 each, signed on back page
if you buy both books for $500 you get the display tray at no extra charge.