Photo Technique Magazine – POP printing article published

POP Print

I wrote An article about using collodio-chloride printing-out-paper for Photo Technique Magazine. I reviewed Alt-Photo Products specialty paper which is a re-creation of a historic silver printing technique.

I tested the paper by printing the traditional glass plate negatives and also used digital negatives made with an inkjet printer.

The article begins….
“In a time that seems long ago and far far away, the earliest photographers made prints which appeared magically without developing. They would rinse and fix to display and extend the life of the image. More recently in the 20th Century portrait photographers used similar technology to make proof prints that would fade as they aged.

Now we make archival digital prints and have nearly forgotten the art of chemical printing. Many photo- graphers have gladly forsaken silver-gelatin printing for the control ease and simplicity of inkjet. But many of us still enjoy the chemical processes—we cherish the journey as well as the destination. We can still buy 20th Century silver printing materials and an ambitious photographer can mix the chemicals necessary for 19th Century processes. Photographers who want to make prints using a historic style print- ing out paper (but don’t want to “roll their own”) now have a source for a new collodio-chloride printing-out paper (POP).”

I recommend buying the magazine, but the article can also be downloaded from my website. The magazine is edited by Wendy Erickson.