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2019 - Ongoing

Collodion Wet-plate collodion photogram on stone, stand made of welded steel and rock - 3.5"x5" up to 8"x8" not including stand

The “Anthropocene” fossils are imaginary records of flora and fauna that might be found in a future geologic era. They are evidence of what was and hints of how it might have been extinguished. Just as the real fossils found by humans fill in the story of what lived and how it died in earlier geologic era, these created fossils are evidence what what might be becoming extinct as a result of human activity.

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what I’ve been up to lately

AIPAD 2015

Ezekiel Hawkins - Portrait of Jaguar Tamer

I’ll be back at AIPAD April 16-19 at the Park Avenue Armory at 643 Park Avenue between 65th & 66th Streets.  The annual art fair of the Association of International Photography Dealers is a highlight of my year. A whirlwind opportunity to see great photography old and new, see old friends, meet new friends, and …

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The Art of War


A classic of ancient Chinese literature Sun Tzu’s “The Art of War” takes a new form in my 3D printed edition. This 3D printed book is 5″ x 3.875″ x 1.125″ printed in translucent PLA resin and contains the text of “The Art of War” on a USB flash drive and plastic toy soldiers.  There …

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An Enigma

Enigma 3D printed book

“Russia is a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma” said Winston Churchill.  Russia continues to vex us today.  My latest 3D printed book “Enigma” is like a Russian matryushka doll – 5 nested books, the innermost book is black and contains a USB flash drive with all the data files used to print …

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Guns are Art


When people hear I am working with a 3D printer the first question they ask is “Have you printed a gun?” And I emphatically answer “NO!”  IMHO the 3D printed gun story is blown way out of proportion.  Sure, a person could print parts of a gun, but not the important parts like the firing …

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Manual Printed 3D

Manual 3D printed Book

Manual is the latest in my series of 3D printed books.  It has 60 pages of archival digital inkjet prints enclosed in a translucent PLA binding which cannot be opened.  It is signed and dated on an interior page which is not visible.  The book is then enclosed in a 2 piece black PLA box …

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3D Visions

3D printed book

I seem to always be straddling eras of technology and the Camera Obscura Project which was a collaboration with Charles Schwartz is a great example.  It began with Charles’ Camera Obscura which is located on the upper east side of Manhattan with a dramatic view over New York City’s Central Park.  We spent years using …

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Shakespeare in 3D


A new book sculpture I’ve made is The Complete Works of William Shakespeare. This is a miniature book – 2.375″ x 1.875″ x .75″ and the box is 3.75″ x 3.25″ x 1.1.25″ Inside the 3D printed translucent PLA covers are a title page in the front and an author portrait in the back.  Inside …

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What is a book?

For years I have been publishing my work in book form.  Mostly soft bound print-on-demand picture books.  But lately I have changed how I do things. I have been watching – and sometimes enjoying – how the publishing industry has changed.  Not only can we self-publish POD books, but we can promote them on the …

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Albumen and Salt Printing

coating with albumen

Last week I participated in an Albumen and Salt Printing Workshop at the George Eastman House Museum in Rochester NY taught by Mark Osterman and ably assisted by Nick Brandreth.  We learned how to make high quality handmade prints using glass plate negatives and plain paper sensitized with a silver nitrate solution.  These historic processes …

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