“The Art and Science of Happiness: Patricia Dahlman”

Pat Dahlman
Pat Dahlman will be speaking about her work at the exhibition “The Art and Science of Happiness: Patricia Dahlman” on Thursday, November 18, 2010 at noon. I would be thrilled if you could join me. The exhibition is part of the Dana Women Artists Series and located at Rutgers University’s Mabel Smith Douglass Library Galleries
8 Chapel Drive
New Brunswick, NJ 08901
For more information go to http://iwa.rutgers.edu/ or call 732/932-3726

Patricia Dahlman’s multimedia work was selected by a panel of visual arts professionals to provide a visual component to the Rutgers Institute for Research on Women’s 2010-11 interdisciplinary seminar, “The Art and Science of Happiness.” The theme explores how economic security, political stability, family, careers, health, community involvement, and other domains contribute (or not) to ones sense of being “happy.” Dahlman’s subject matter ranges across the political, social, and economic spectrums, while addressing issues of nature and society. She uses sewn and stitched forms made from canvas and colorful fabric to create both sculptural and 2-dimensional works that are playful or serious, and sometimes both. The works selected for this exhibition include landscapes, abstract forms, narratives and figural works that comment on the environmental destruction in her community as well as recent political events in America. They represent her visions and hopes for an improved future for society and the world. These pieces also illustrate the University’s 2010-11 Global Initiatives theme, “Ecologies in the Balance: The Way Forward.”