1960's to today

Then to Now

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People ask me “where do your ideas come from?” It is probably an innocent question but maybe it is an indirect way to ask if I am crazy. The answer to both is “I don’t know.” What I do know is that many of the best ideas that have occured me were not what I intended, planned or thought I wanted to do. Great things have come to me unexpectedly, unasked, and unplanned. As an innocent and naive child of the 1950’s I was naturally open and accepting and was often rewarded. It has helped me learn, grow and be creative in ways I never expected.

I love to learn and often it comes through just trying something. Following my “what if” curiosity. Often discoveries come from experimentation. It is scary to experiment because the potential for failure is high. But my naivete and stubbornness get me through it. And success is a huge reward.

Not even the most solitary artist exists in a vacuum. I have always been curious about other artists and their work, and many of my crazy ideas result from encountering art and artists who work I admire. I have been fortunate to meet and get to know lots of creative people who helped me find my own way to express myself.

And I love to make things. From pictures to woodworking to cooking to welding to gardening. I make stuff and it keeps me engaged. That satisfaction of looking at and holding a thing that I crafted is a huge reward. I take my crazy ideas and add a splash of willingness to fail plus curiosity and restless hands to come up with something, anything, a creation that is mine.