2018 – ongoing
salt print, nature print, photogram
10″x8″, 8″x10″

Nature Prints – using leaves that I paint with silver nitrate and the press between sheets of salted paper. The leaves are removed and the paper is exposed to UV light until the image appears. Each print is unique. I call this series “Herbarium”

Lumen print after chemical processing, scanning and digital processing

What Remains

2020 – ongoing
digital pigment print, lumen print on silver gelatin or Ilfochrome, photogram
20×24″ edition of 10

What Remains is my next series imagining what will survive after our planet can no longer sustain human life.



2019 – Ongoing

Collodion Wet-plate collodion photogram on stone, stand made of welded steel and rock – 3.5″x5″ up to 8″x8″ not including stand

The “Anthropocene” fossils are imaginary records of flora and fauna that might be found in a future geologic era. They are evidence of what was and hints of how it might have been extinguished. Just as the real fossils found by humans fill in the story of what lived and how it died in earlier geologic era, these created fossils are evidence what what might be becoming extinct as a result of human activity.


2014 – Ongoing

Collodion Wet-Plate glass negatives scanned and enlarged, manipulated in Photoshop and digitally printed up to 96″ wide.

Borderlands is an exploration of panoramic landscapes derived from small areas cropped from the edges of contemporary collodion wet-plate images. The hand-made nature of the wet-plate process creates artifacts which appear to be gigantic landscapes but in reality are just inches across.


2014 – ongoing

3D printed artist books/sculptures of photography and text. PLA resin, digital prints on paper, USB drives, fabric, wood, found objects, pens, pencils, cameras – various sizes 2″x3″ up to 8″x5″ – some are edition 1 of 1 others are in editions of 10

The Gutenberg series of 3D printed books deals with the evolution of books and how knowledge may be distributed in the future. The content of these 3D printed books cannot be accessed – it is sealed inside the PLA resin binding. You must destroy the book to read the book. These books require the viewer/reader to trust the artist – is the content really in there or not? You can see something is inside but you don’t know if it is really as the artist claims. Much of the artwork which is bought and sold requires trust in the artist and the dealer, and these books expand upon that leap of faith.


2007 – Ongoing

Installation includes 21 3D printed PLA Resin Sculptures ranging from 13.5″ to 8.5″ tall, 1 Bronze sculpture approx. 16″ tall, 180 14″x11″ Silver Gelatin Photograms

Ascent explores this evolution from today’s analog man to tomorrow’s digital man. As today’s environment of digital interrelationships evolves from history’s analog world man continues to change and adapt. In my Ascent project, I utilize historic analog photographic processes and cutting edge digital modeling technologies to create 3 dimensional digital sculptures from 2 dimensional analog photograms. The technologies evolve similarly to the evolution of man.