ANTHROPOCENE Man’s brief existence on the planet Earth is known as the Anthropocene era. However the impact of our species on the environment has been dramatic and problematic. The history of the earth includes earlier geologic eras that experienced mass extinctions and calamities, but our Anthropocene era has been one… Read more


Landscape photography is as old as the medium, and the earliest photographers used the collodion wet-plate process to capture the grand scale of nature to reveal it to the masses. Borderlands is an exploration of panoramic landscapes derived from small areas cropped from the edges of contemporary collodion wet-plate images.… Read more


Pythagoras is a series of tintype photograms made on black or colored aluminum plates which have been laser etched with photographs of 3D printed objects. In the second step the same 3D printed objects are laid on the wet collodion and exposed to light at an angle to create the… Read more


With the invention of movable type Johannes Gutenberg revolutionized how books were made in the 15th century, and now in the 21st century book publishing is again changing dramatically. We used to think of books as ink on paper between two covers. Increasingly books are just digital data viewed on… Read more


Elementary is a series of collodion wet-plate tintype photograms of 3D printed elementary geometric objects. Designed in Tinkercad and printed using a Makerbot Replicator 2 3D printer, the PLA resin objects are laid on the tintype and exposed to light.  Elementary brings together 21st century 3D printing and 19th century… Read more


Maple Seed and Propagation are photograms of maple seeds. The black and white photograms are made on collodion wet-plate glass negatives. The Propagation series images are made on Ilfochrome paper. Read more

Photonic Drawing

Using only the most basic elements of photography – light, lenses and silver nitrate – Photonic Drawings are photogram ambrotypes made on either trophy aluminum or on powder coated titanium. Made using the historic wet-plate collodion chemistry on modern substrates, the Photonic Drawings are the simplest interaction of light and… Read more


 ASCENT:  the evolution of analog man to digital man. The relentless process of evolution from simple amoebas to complex human beings continues onward. We know that man’s forbears were apes, and before that other less likely creatures. Man continues to evolve, transforming into unknown future creatures more able to thrive… Read more


THE MANUAL PROJECT: The Personalities of Hands  “The eyes may be the windows of the soul, but hands reveal our humanity.” With our hands we grasp the world. Hands are used as weapons yet they can also heal the sick – they can caress or crush. There are chakras in… Read more

Camera Obscura

NEW YORK CAMERA OBSCURA: Charles Schwartz & Bill Westheimer Together Charles Schwartz and Bill Westheimer explored the city of New York on the upper east side of Manhattan using a Camera Obscura. These pictures reveal the city through the unique viewpoint of the camera obscura and record the images digitally.… Read more

Tintype Self-Portraits

Thirty collodion wet plate self portraits made with color anodized aluminum. The strobe light was so bright I didn’t want to photograph innocent subjects who might not be careful enough to avoid looking at the 5000 watt seconds of lights when they flashed. So I used the only subject who… Read more

Tintype Portrait of Nick

Eleven collodion wet plate portraits made with color anodized aluminum. The strobe light was so bright I didn’t want to photograph innocent subjects who might not be careful enough to avoid looking at the 5000 watt seconds of lights when they flashed. So I used the only subject who I… Read more


Loop photograms are made using strips of vellum and are either on 20″ x 16″ silver gelatin paper or 10″ x 8″ Ilfochrome paper. Each print is unique one-of-a-kind. Read more


Buggy is a series of collodion wet-plate photograms on glass or aluminum. Most are 4.24″ x 5.5″ The insects are placed directly on the plate or in the enlarger and projected on the plate.  They date from 2001 to the present.  The cricket photograms were made for the limited edition… Read more

WALD 118


Wald are unique 10″x8″ pinhole photographs of the trees and woods surrounding my home and studio. The photographic paper was placed inside of the 10″x8″ pinhole camera and exposed from 30 minutes to 6 hours. The color images are on Ilfochrome paper and the B&W prints are on Oriental Seagull… Read more


Bayonne is a series of unique collodion wet-plate tintypes of electronic circuit boards that appear to be aerial photographs of industrial sites. Most are 4.25″ x 5.5″. Read more


Photograms of ferns were among the earliest images made at the beginning of photography. These photograms are made either onto collodion wet-plate glass plates or Ilfochrome color photographic paper. Mine date from the early 2000’s, not the 1830’s! All are available as large format archival inkjet prints up to about… Read more


Babel is a series of still life collodion wet-plate photographs on 4.25″ x 5.5″ glass of found objects – mostly rotted wood.  They are available as salted paper contact prints or enlarged archival pigment ink-jet prints. Read more


Believe is a series of 20″ x 24″ unique Cibachrome photograms. The model was the artist.  The text is a page from the New York Times featuring an article about a modern day Jack the Ripper who was terrorizing London. Read more


MOMENTO is a collection of human experiences and the technological dreams triggered by our cameras.  With each camera is a story told by its owner. The cameras were photographed using 19th century glass plate negatives, emphasizing how quickly the technology of past image-making has been made antique.  The cameras capture… Read more

Available Light

Available Light photograms are 20″ x 16″ unique silver gelatin prints made using the shadow of a book. The title of the book was “Available Light” by Ellen Currie. Read more

Wire Balls

Wire Balls are a series of unique 20″x16″ silver-gelatin photograms made using balls of stainless steel wire to cast shadows on the photographic paper. They are also available as archival inkjet prints. The Collodion wire balls images are made onto collodion wet-plate glass plates and printed as archival inkjet prints. Read more

Elk Mountain Range

The Elk Mountain Range portfolio is a series of B&W aerial photographs of the backcountry surrounding Aspen, Colorado. It grew out of a project to create an atlas of photographs to assist the volunteers of Mountain Rescue Aspen in planning rescues of people who experience the dark side of the mountains… Read more


Waterflowers is a series of unique photograms on Cibachrome, often presented as diptychs or quadtypchs. The flower petals and leaves are arranged on top of a piece of Cibachrome paper and exposed directly to a powerful light for a very brief exposure. These were produced in the 1980’s and 90’s. Read more


Clematis is a climbing vine with gorgeous flowers. These photograms are of the flower after the bloom has wilted, lost its petals, and gone to seed. The clematis flowers are placed in the enlarger and projected onto a collodion wet-plate glass plate. The original plates are 4.25″x5.5″ and can be… Read more


Assemblages are unique collaged Cibachrome prints ranging in size from 4″ x 4″ to 40″ x 48″. Most date from the 1980’s. Many are available also as archival pigment inkjet prints. Read more

Industrial Mythology

Industrial Mythology is a series of unique 20″x24″ Cibachrome photograms made in the 1980’s Read more


There are nearly one hundred towns in Ohio which bear the names of foreign places. Each name reflects the dreams and aspirations of the founders of that small community in an unfamiliar environment that they were making their home. These names reflect the ambitions of people who were dissatisfied enough… Read more


If you could have a world named after you – what would it look like? The Billiad is about what one man discovers when the dream becomes a reality. When this guy from New Jersey via Cincinnati, Schenectady,  Aspen, and New York City does find his own world, locates his… Read more