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Loop photograms are 20" x 16" silver gelatin paper or 10" x 8" Ilfochrome paper in an edition of 1. They are also available as digital prints in an edition of 10

The loop photograms were made using a strip of vellum placed on top of the print material and exposed to light. Most of the silver-gelatin photograms were also solarized to create more complex images.

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Tintype photograms of 3D printed geometric objects on trophy aluminum - 4.25"x5.5" up to 8"x10" tintypes

After 35 years of making photograms I felt challenged to make something new, but it seemed I had photogrammed every kind of object. I decided to create my own objects to make photograms and felt the best place to start is with simple geometric shapes.  I designed geometric shapes in Tinkercad and printed them using a Makerbot Replicator 2 3D printer in a translucent PLA resin. The geometric objects are placed on the wet tintype and exposed to light. I was able to produce new imagery of elementary timeless shapes using 19th century analog process combined with 21st century 3D printing.

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A darkroom process where analog film or photo paper is re-exposed during development to create special effects. Also called the “sabattier effect”.