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Manual Project Exhibitions

Sol Mednick Gallery, uArts, Philadelphia PA, August-September 2007 Westby Gallery, Rowan University, Glassboro, NJ, November – December 2007 Cypress College Gallery, Cypress CA, October-November 2008 Artspace Gallery, Richmond VA, February-March 2011 Ironworks Gallery, Orange NJ, December 2011-January 2012 SCCC Gallery, Newton NJ, October 2016      

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Manual Project


Wet-Plate Collodion, Silver-Gelatin Photograms, Salted Paper Prints, Digital Pigment Prints, 3D printed PLA Resin sculptures, Artist Books, Trade Edition Book, salted paper prints 10"x8", digital prints 15"x22" and 40x52", sculptures up to 5x8"

MANUAL is a collection of portraits of people from diverse backgrounds, occupations, ages, and cultures from around the globe. In each hand portrait is a study of the person’s dominant hand, revealing evidence of how they have lived, who they are, and what they may become. It is a collaboration between photographer and subject to expose their hands and their personalities. Without the distraction of faces, these images become honest and deeply perceptive portraits, reflecting the lifestyle, habits, and sensitivity of each subject.

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3.25"x3.75" to 40" x 48" collaged Cibachrome prints archivally mounted on museum board. Limited editions. Some of the images have been scanned and are available as limited edition digital pigment prints.

Assemblages are collaged Cibachrome prints. Images captured with analog camera film and printed on Cibachrome were cut and assembled to make an abstract or pattern.

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2007 - Ongoing

Installation includes 21 3D printed PLA Resin Sculptures ranging from 13.5" to 8.5" tall, 1 Bronze sculpture approx. 16" tall, 180 14"x11" Silver Gelatin Photograms

Ascent explores this evolution from today’s analog man to tomorrow’s digital man. As today's environment of digital interrelationships evolves from history’s analog world man continues to change and adapt. In my Ascent project, I utilize historic analog photographic processes and cutting edge digital modeling technologies to create 3 dimensional digital sculptures from 2 dimensional analog photograms. The technologies evolve similarly to the evolution of man.

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imagery of human hands

What are you doing?

What we’ve been doing…. Lisa and I presented our work for the Peters Valley Artist Talk Series on May 5th, 2021. I love to talk about my art but talking about myself is excruciating. It was a wonderful opportunity to explain how my various projects relate to each other and fit into the context of …

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