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Tintype Self-Portraits


Thirty 3"x3" collodion wet-plate self-portrait photographs on color anodized trophy aluminum spaced 1/4" apart and standing 3/4" off the black background in a 21" x 24" frame.

Thirty collodion wet plate self portraits made with color anodized aluminum. The strobe light was so bright I didn't want to photograph innocent subjects who might not be careful enough to avoid looking at the 5000 watt seconds of lights when they flashed. So I used the only subject who is patient enough to sit for 30 portraits. The process required 3 days to complete all 30 plates.

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WALD 118


Pinhole camera 10"x8" Ilfochrome unique direct prints and 10"x8" unique direct Silver-Gelatin prints, 25"x20" digital collage of multiple prints

The inspiration for the Wald Project was to capture the view when awakening from a nap under a tree. Or maybe what one might dream when napping under the tree. These pinhole pictures of the trees Wald explore how the forest stimulates the human imagination evoking emotions from fantasy to fear.

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4.25"x5.5" Collodion Wet-Plate on Glass and Aluminum, 8"x10" Silver-Gelatin prints, Digital Prints

MOMENTO is a collection of human experiences and the technological dreams triggered by our cameras.  The cameras capture our experience in mere fractions of seconds, but the cameras themselves endure to reflect the technology and aspirations of their eras.  The memories we connect to the cameras are significant, sentimental and cherished. 

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