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The Big Picture

I love seeing art escape the galleries to infiltrate and enhance everyday life. Every couple of years Denver is festooned with photography in the unlikeliest places in addition to a multitude of galleries and museums for the Month of Photography. Thanks to Mark Sink, lots of volunteers, and the bi-annual Month of Photography that he …

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Light Reclaimed

Light Reclaimed by Charles Schwartz

Perfection is over-rated.  And Charles Schwartz’ Light Reclaimed work is proof.  Charles has collected imperfect old ambrotypes and tintypes that show the patina of time and he has scanned and enlarged them to make his Light Reclaimed series. He writes: “over time I found myself drawn to boxes containing the undesirable – broken, scratched, partially …

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Stop Motion Video


“Solo, Piano – N.Y.C.” – A video recently posted to the NY Times website is a wonderful use of still photographs to make a video.  It is a great subject handled sensitively and effectively.  The film maker Anthony Sherin saw a piano on the curb in front of his apartment waiting to be hauled off …

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Inspired by…. Jay Maisel

I met Jay Maisel many years ago when he was teaching at Anderson Ranch in Snowmass, CO.  He has been a friend, mentor and inspiration ever since.  This video captures his spirit. If you have a chance, seek him out. He is a man generous with his vision and an inspiring role model. Jay Maisel …

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