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Tintype Portrait of Nick


Eleven collodion wet plate portraits made with color anodized aluminum mounted in a carefully spaced overlapping pattern standing off the black velvet background in a 18.5″ x 22.5″ frame

Eleven collodion wet plate portraits made with color anodized aluminum. The strobe light was so bright I didn’t want to photograph innocent subjects who might not be careful enough to avoid looking at the 5000 watt seconds of lights when they flashed. So I used the only subject who I trusted - my assistant Nick.

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Elk Mountain Range


Originally photographed in the 1970's and 80's, three portfolios of 24 prints were printed in 2008 at 20"x16" and are titled, signed numbered and dated on the verso.

The Elk Mountain Range portfolio is a series of B&W aerial photographs of the backcountry surrounding Aspen, Colorado. It grew out of a project to create an atlas of photographs to assist the volunteers of Mountain Rescue Aspen in planning rescues of people who experience the dark side of the mountains and also to help helicopter pilots who were unfamiliar with the area to understand the challenges of flying at high elevation in rugged terrain.

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Camera Obscura


Digital prints of the Camera Obscura images of New York City

Together Charles Schwartz and Bill Westheimer explored the city of New York on the upper east side of Manhattan using a Camera Obscura. These pictures reveal the city through the unique viewpoint of the camera obscura and record the images digitally. The Camera Obscura's location is fixed, yet it provides an ever changing view of the city's activities, architecture and landscape. The images use the pre-photographic camera obscura technology combined with post-photographic digital capture to create a timeless view of New York. The digital camera instantly captures the ephemeral projections in a clear crisp reality that transports the viewer into other worlds.

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Tag: collaboration

Working with another artist or expert to create a piece or project that would not be possible by only one person.

What are you doing?

What we’ve been doing…. Lisa and I presented our work for the Peters Valley Artist Talk Series on May 5th, 2021. I love to talk about my art but talking about myself is excruciating. It was a wonderful opportunity to explain how my various projects relate to each other and fit into the context of …

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