MOMENTO – One Sixtieth


I was dusting off some old cameras and decided to photograph them. View the work in progress.

I hadn’t looked at them in quite a while. They are like old friends, former lovers, lost partners and they evoke special memories. If you have a camera which was your first love, or special partner in creativity, I’d love to photograph it. If I choose your camera, you’ll send it to me and I’ll take a portrait of it and ship it back with a signed tintype photo of it. Contact me for details.

One Sixtieth captures moments in the history of photography. Each camera is a reflection of the era when it was made. The early Kodak 12354 is simple, and the recent Canon 5D is a complex state-of-the-art digital SLR. In between we have wonderful tech marvels like the Polaroid 95A and the Olympus Stylus XA. Cameras capture images which are a slice of a moment, and the cameras themselves represent eras in technological development. I chose to make wet-plate collodion photographs of these cameras because I like the time-warp of photographing modern equipment with historic techniques. These not-so-old objects are made to look historic through the use of the wet plate process.