The Billiad

I have completed The BILLIAD! The sequel to ODDYSSEY is about my exploration of Westheimer Road in Houston Texas. 27 miles of ego trip condensed into a 100 page book with 67 photographs. I spent 3 days in March 2013 traveling the gauntlet of Westheimer Road photographing myself with all things Westheimer.
Billiad Cover
If you could have a world named after you – what would it look like? The Billiad is a quirky book about one man’s discovery when the dream becomes a reality. Westheimer Road is Houston’s longest road and Bill Westheimer traveled it looking for his dream land in The Billiad.

They said: “It is is big world, claim your part of it.”
Over and over again it was: “The world is your oyster.”
Again and again I heard: “You can be whatever you want.”
Never ending: “Make it yours.”

So when it all comes true…… what will it look like?
When this guy from New Jersey via Cincinnati, Aspen, Schenectady, and New York City does find his own world, locates his slice of heaven, that place with his name, what will the reality be?
I have heard it a zillion times: “Careful what you wish for.”
If it really is MY world, would it really look like Westheimer Road in Houston Texas?

The Billiad is my trip to that special place – I finally arrive at Westheimer Road and the reality hits home hard.

The book is $19.95, softcover, 100 pages, 68 photographs and available from Petey Pie Press