My orphans

Sometimes a friend will offer me an old camera, often it is something interesting that belonged to a grandparent, almost always it is a film camera that hasn’t been used in a long time.  Occasionally it is an early digital camera.  In most cases they don’t work and have become just a paperweight or decorative item.  Over the years I’ve accumulated a few shelves of cameras and now when someone looks at my “collection” they remember one that they have sitting in their attic and I end up with yet another orphan.

just a few of the orphans I’ve collected

Years ago I decided to make a book of wet-plate photographs of old cameras, but only if the cameras had specific memories connected to them.  Thus was born “MOMENTO” – a book of those memories and cameras and a collection of photographs of cameras.

Lately, I’ve been making my “Gutenberg” 3D printed artist book sculptures I began to make books about specific cameras.  Each camera is sealed inside a 3D printed translucent PLA resin “book” – inaccessible unless you break the sculpture.  The first ones were done with functioning digital cameras, and I used the cameras to photograph and make a video of the process of printing the camera.  The memory card with the images and video is still inside the camera.

Now I have a library of camera books. Some include a 3D printed box for the camera and some do not. But now I know what to do with all those orphaned cameras.

Olympus Stylus XA – one of my favorite PhD cameras

A PhD camera is a point and shoot AKA “Push Here Dummy” camera.

4 cameras provided by a friend
The box has a lens in the cover – Nikon Coolpix L30 that I bought just to make into a book.
Lumix – this was the first one I made. I bought this camera and used it on a few vacations, but it was better as a sculpture than a camera.